Faculty Portal

What is the Faculty Portal?

The Faculty Portal is a convenient way to see all of the students who have requested accommodations for your classes. You will receive their individual student notification letters by email and can use the Portal to check their accommodations at any time. You can also use the portal to complete additional student agreements, like a Modified Attendance Agreement.


  • Login to the Faculty Portal using your Wake Forest email account
  • Contact CLASS (class@wfu.edu, 336-758-5929) with any questions

How does the Student Accommodation Process Work?

Students who request academic accommodations are required to disclose their disability and provide documentation of their disability to support their request to the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success. Once students are determined to be eligible for reasonable accommodations, they will request their accommodations for each course. When the student completes a request for your course, you will receive an email notification. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with each faculty member (or their graduate/professional school liaisons) to discuss implementation of their accommodation(s).

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Need Help Adjusting for Extended Time in Canvas? 

Adjusting for extended time on Canvas exams and quizzes is easier than you think. To learn more, including how to moderate multiple students at once, see this resource from Canvas. For additional on-campus support, contact your department’s ITG or visit canvas.wfu.edu.