Helpful Videos

Disability Services – student resources

Student Application

This video will walk you through the steps of applying through the student portal for services with CLASS.

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Requesting an Appointment

This video will help you understand our student portal and how you can request an appointment with a member of the CLASS staff.

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Requesting Accommodations

This video shares information about how you can request disability accommodations through CLASS.

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Completing Modified Attendance Contract

If you’ve been approved for modified attendance as part of your disability accommodations, this video will show you how to complete our modified attendance contract.

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Uploading Receipts for AltText

If you receive text in alternative formats through our office, this video will walk you through how to upload your textbook receipts.

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Disability Services – faculty resources

Faculty Portal

This video will help you understand our faculty portal and you can view your students’ accommodation letters.

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Modified Attendance Contract For Faculty and Students

This video will help you better understand the modified attendance contract as part of a student’s disability accommodation.

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Study Strategies

5 Day Study Plan

Learn more about how to create a 5 day study plan as you prepare for your exams.

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