Information For Students

Welcome to the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success (CLASS). Here you will find helpful information to help guide you through the accommodations process. Please let us know if you have any questions at any time. We’re here to help!

Student Portal login

Once students are admitted to Wake Forest, they must complete the following steps to request academic accommodations:

1). Register with our office.

For students not yet registered for accommodations with our office including incoming first-year students: Please login to our Student Portal. Make sure you use your Wake Forest email ID and password to do so.  Here is a brief video that will help you register with our office through our student portal.

For students with a email address, please contact the office directly at We will assist you with creating a profile in our Student Portal.

2).  Submit documentation to our office.

Students will login to the Student Portal and follow instructions for uploading your disability documentation. Guidelines for documenting a disability.

After our office receives your documentation, a staff member will review the documentation and email you information to help with setting up an appointment to discuss accommodations.

3). Meet with a CLASS staff member.

Once documentation has been reviewed, you should be invited to meet with a CLASS staff member to discuss accommodations as part of an interactive process.

4). Submit accommodation letter request.

After your meeting with the CLASS staff member, login to the Student Portal and request that your approved accommodation letters be emailed to your instructors (or the graduate program liaison).

5). Meet with your instructors.

As part of the Self-Advocacy process, plan to meet with each of your instructors during office hours to discuss how your approved accommodations will be implemented in that class. Please refer to our Self-Advocacy handout for more information about our model.

Remain in contact with our office for support throughout the semester, including Academic Coaching and Peer Tutoring which are free for all students!

If architectural or extensive accommodations are anticipated, then early disclosure to the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success is most helpful.

Please note that Instructors may expect students to request services in a manner that is timely with respect to the action needed (e.g. five business days before an in-class examination for extended test time).

Test Proctoring
The Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success (CLASS) will assist in proctoring tests and exams for students with disabilities in the following circumstances: (a) the instructor has exhausted all other options within the department (such as rescheduling the exam in the department if the student cannot start before or stay after the scheduled class time or having other departmental graduate students or staff help with proctoring a test within the department) or (b) the student’s testing accommodation requires a separate testing space that cannot be managed in the department.

In addition to coordinating accommodations for students with disabilities, our office is committed to helping all WFU students in reaching their academic goals. We offer specific assistance through academic coaching and through our peer tutoring program!